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  1. School. 


  2. I want to do this.

  3. thats what im talkin about. 

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  4. Evan Koyanagi: Till Slaves Are Sons.


    So our band, Till Slaves Are Sons, has been at (what has felt like) a standstill for a long time. Jathan and I have been writing for just over 2 years now without playing a single show and only being able to let you guys hear 2 of our songs. And so a few weeks ago, Jathan and I realized that we…

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    Mat Kearney - Ships In The Night

    So into this stuff!

    The production of this song is what I could call near perfection.

    Its so well done.

    Such good sounds, mix, and arrangements.

    And the rest of the album too!

    Just really well done.

    He’s also probably got my favourite voice. At least for now he does. 

  6. Its amazing! 

    Just… watching them. 

    I found this to stir so much emotion. - Largely by the music as well!.. im definately getting that on my ipod.. its like my new favourite song! hah.. - 

    There’s something so mesmerizing about this. 

    It makes me think so much of heaven!

    Like one day. These magnificent creatures.

    Guardians of the sea.

    Will bow to our god. The lord. Jesus.

    God is incredible!

  7. I just love this.

  8. This is my heart for music, and worship. And has been for a very long time, and i hope always is.

    -Especially what the dude in the mohawk has to say. But they both just take the words right from my mouth.

  9. sahilcripnigga:

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